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Orthodontic Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Orthodontics
Los Angeles Orthodontics

If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, you should come to see us at Dental Pros. At our dental office, you can receive Los Angeles orthodontics treatment, including treatment with Invisalign invisible braces from Dr. Shawn Rabizadeh.

There are many different types of Los Angeles orthodontics treatment that are provided at our office. It is now recommended that children receive their first orthodontic evaluation at the age of seven. If it is found that an orthodontic problem is developing, they can often receive orthodontic treatment between the ages of seven and eleven; this is referred to as interceptive orthodontic treatment. This type of treatment is often used to help the jaw to develop in a specific manner so that it can accommodate all permanent teeth. Interceptive orthodontic treatment allows patients to have less-expensive orthodontic work down the road, as well as less-expensive work. We are also happy to offer treatment with Invisalign invisible braces. This tooth straightening system uses clear plastic aligners instead of metal wires and brackets. Our patients are able to attend school, work, and social gatherings without anyone ever noticing that they are receiving orthodontic care since the aligners are virtually invisible while they are being worn. This means that they never need to worry about being embarrassed by being seen wearing braces. Treatment with Invisalign takes about the same amount of time as treatment with traditional metal braces. The clear plastic aligners are extremely comfortable to wear since they contain no metal parts. Additionally, our patients are able to eat anything they want during the total treatment process since the clear plastic aligners are removed for meals. The aligners are also removed so that patients can thoroughly brush and floss their teeth on a daily basis, helping the teeth to remain healthy during the orthodontic treatment.

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