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Cosmetic smile makeovers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles cosmetic dentist
Los Angeles cosmetic dentist

A poor smile can often lead to reduced self-esteem and confidence. At Dental Pros, we are committed to changing that with our cosmetic smile makeovers, which utilizes implants, veneers, bonding, and teeth whitening to achieve the results that you need. You may not need all four treatment methods, but whichever combination is applicable to your individual situation will be put into action.

If you have missing teeth, the first priority when it comes to our cosmetic smile makeovers is to replace them. Those gaps that used to house teeth are like huge neon arrows pointing to a less than ideal smile. Why implants? They look like real teeth do, and beyond the aesthetic benefit, they feel and perform like real teeth. And the underlying reason for all of those plusses is that implants are constructed to mimic real teeth. Our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist surgically puts in the titanium post that serves as a new root for your new tooth. Later, after your jaw bone fuses with the post, you will get the tooth-colored crown that completes the implant. You want your entire smile to be as white as possible, and our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist provides that service quickly, effectively, and safely. Virtually every other issue you have with how your teeth look can be positively affected with either bonding or veneers, or both. This includes chips and cracks, wide spaces between teeth, discolored teeth, misshapen or crooked teeth, receding gums, and more. The goal is to not only improve your smile, but to make it so for as long as possible. Well, implants can last a lifetime with good care. Veneers are a long term solution. And the effects of teeth whitening and bonding can last up to several years.

Arrange an appointment right now with our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist. Come in for a consultation and a specialized smile makeover plan that is perfect for you.

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