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Local dentist Los Angeles CA

Local dentist Los Angeles CA

Veneers are an ideal way to fix yellowed, broken or chipped teeth. At Dental Pros, our local dentist Los Angeles CA can help you find the best way to cover your flawed teeth with veneers and other tooth restoration procedures. We perform teeth whitening, create bridges and dentures, and can discuss implants with you.

Veneers are a thin porcelain shell that is adhered over the fronts of teeth. They match teeth almost perfectly and are very hard to tell apart from natural teeth. Veneers can fix broken, chipped or cracked teeth and can be done in just a few short visits to our local dentist Los Angeles CA. If you are not a candidate for veneers, we may recommend a teeth whitening procedure if the teeth simply need to be a few shades lighter. The bleaching system itself is safe and easy, and is done in a matter of one or a few visits. We recommend having teeth professionally bleached because over the counter solutions can be harsh on teeth and gums. We also offer a take home whitening system for patients who prefer to whiten teeth in the comfort of their own home.

Whitening done by our local dentist Los Angeles CA can whiten teeth in a matter of minutes and result in teeth up to 4 shades or more brighter. We’ll conduct a full exam first to make sure your teeth are healthy enough for bleaching or for veneers, and talk to you about your oral hygiene and lifestyle. Proper oral care habits go a long way in keeping teeth white and bright for years to come. Teeth whitening can keep teeth white for up to a year or a more if proper care is given. Veneers must also be taken care of, and patients should be sure to brush each day and keep teeth clean.

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